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Welcome To Maya Plastic

Maya Plastic was established in 1998

to serve different sectors which need flexible packaging materials. Our power comes from our competitive spirit and our dynamic team so we live the honor of developing product range continually, serving to many customers in different sectors through using high technology. Maya Plastic manufactures based on the international standards and has many loyal customers both in Turkey and abroad.

In today we carry on our activities in our manufacturing and administrative facilities located in Beylikdüzü Industrial Zone with a closed space of 3,500 m2 equipped with high technology manufacturing units.
The Company’s strength lies in the unique combination of its skilled workforce, extensive network of operations, global customer base, innovative market-driven products and advanced technologies.
Maya Plastic’s mission is to become a pioneer, dynamic, reengineering, renowned company at flexible packaging industry and management approaching in worldwide. Thus, the company gives a great importance to Quality Control and efficient service after sale (Customer Satisfaction). Maya Plastic also acts as an environment friendly company through manufacturing recycleable bags/raw materials harmless to the nature and human health.
Maya Plastic also differentiates itself through possessing a loyal and compensated (more than expectations) customer community by its highly motivated company staff those conscious, careful in details and make delivery the demanded product at the highest quality on time.

  • Customer Focused Packaging Solutions

Maya Plastic throughly absorbed customer focused production philosophy at all levels of operations from determing the customer needs to customer satisfaction after sales. Maya Plastic aims to maximize customer satisfaction through the dynamic organization structure that acts with the customer expactations and modern production equipment with flexible fabrication methods. Maya Plastic provides special solutions in accordance with the customer requirements. You can get in touch with our customer representatives for your requirements.

Our Service Areas

Courier Bags

Maya Plastic is honored to be the first manufacturer of Courier and Security bags in Turkey.

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LDPE and MDPE based and Co-ex (Multi-layer extrusion line) or any desired colors.

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CPolyethylene based handle bags has been mostly common used in the sector because...

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One of the most important sections of packaging is the lamination.

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Maya Co. is specialized in producing PE/PE – PET/PE – OPP-CPP/PE laminated detergent packaging.

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Baby & Adult diaper packaging is one of the most important products of hygiene sector.

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Maya Co. is specialized in producing Personal Cleanning Products Packaging.

Capitalize on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value

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Maya Plastic is an authorized company by the government to produce food packaging materials.

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Chicken and bread bags can be produced as one layer PE, OPP and CPP bags or they can be laminated ...

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Printed or unprinted shrink rolls are used to group and pack the products in certain quantities.

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Seals are produced by using injection process and hot printing operation can be applied on seals in demanded colors.

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